About us

Ruapuke Artisan Homes is a small family-run business based on the coast of the Waikato. Founded by Strachan Rivers in 2020, our portfolio includes bespoke kitchens, custom decks, cabins, tiny homes and other small buildings.

What makes us different is our small team - we only take on one project at a time, meaning we can really get to know each other and focus on making your project truly special. We’re also honest - having lived in small spaces for ten years (a housebus, cabin, and now a tiny house) we know what works, and what doesn’t. We are invested in creating functional spaces with longevity and comfort in mind.We pride ourselves on being solution focused, using skill and creativity to make your home-based projects a reality. We work and consult with a variety of professionals, including but not limited to licensed builders, electricians, plumbers, roofers & tilers, using their expertise & our own experience to deliver quality results.

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1784a Whaanga Road
Raglan 3296